Language Learning: Materials and tasks

NEW: Description of your assessment task: MALL_assessment


The lectures on April 17 and 24 will not take place in class, but by working on the tasks described in this document: TasksAprilMay
There are four tasks:

  1. Review the content of the first six lectures and answer 10 questions about it. The questions are in the above document, the answers should be submitted by a form on the Internet (link in the document and here)
  2. Read about the CEFR levels on a given website and write your Europass language profile on another given website. Be ready to talk about your experience in the next class.
  3. (opitional, but recommended) Listen to a TED talk about the key to successful language learning and answer 2 questions. Please send your answers to the teacher via e-mail.
  4. Explore language learning tools on the Internet and/or as mobile phone applications.

Questionnaires on learning strategies and learning styles

Suggested reading on the history of SLA research: Chapter 2 of Mitchell & Myles 1998