What English skills do I need and what certificates do you accept?

ELLDo is not a program in Engish linguistics, but studying ELLDo requires very good skills in reading, listening, and writing English. We expect a level of at least B2 and the willingness to constantly improve skills. You will be required to read and understand academic texts, not only textbooks for beginners, but also academic books and papers in academic journals. Most subjects include written assignments. Last but not least, to get your diploma you have to write a thesis. MA theses at our faculty are between 60 and 100 pages long. They can be written in English or Polish; sometimes another language is possible if a supervisor and a reviewer agree (mostly French and German).

During enrollment, you do not have to submit a certificate as proof of your English skills. It is up to you – if you don’t have the appropriate skills, you will not study successfully.

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