Questions and Answers

Basic questions about the programme

ELLDo is an MA programme in Empirical Linguistics and Language Documentation, and it is a programme of Applied Linguistics. Applied Linguistics deals with the application of linguistic ideas, methods and theories to practical problems connected to languages. In this programme, students acquire knowledge and skills necessary for documenting languages according to 21st century standards and learn how to do empirical research on languages and their use.
The programme lasts two years.
For students starting in 2023/2024, the tuiton fee is 1000 PLN per semester. There is also a small registration fee to pay. Once you have been accepted and shown to be an ambitious student, you may apply for an individual fee waiver.
No, we don’t, you have to look elsewhere.
Graduates of this programme achieve proficiency in English, including academic registers, know how to conduct language documentation, analyse spoken language and use statistics for linguistic analyses. The programme prepares them to work as part of international teams in various spheres, such as Marketing and PR agencies, Media Analysis, Translation agencies, Archives and Repositories etc., or continue an academic career in linguistics.
ELLDo is only an MA programme. If you are interested in PhD studies at Adam Mickiewicz University, please refer to the AMU Doctoral School of Languages and Literatures. We also post announcements of PhD contracts on our facebook page.

Questions about the organisation of studies

ELLDo is fully conducted in English. However, within the module Additional Lectures, you may choose lectures in Polish or other languages (if on offer). You may write your MA thesis in English or Polish, or even another language, if your supervisor agrees and a reviewer is available.
No, there is only the 2-year programme which requires a set amount of lectures and ECTS credits per year.
No. The majority of our classes are normally in-person programmes. Depending on the number of students, certain classes can be held online to avoid the spread of COVID-19 cases.
The teachers in this programme are experienced researchers working at the Institute of Applied Linguistics and other institutes of the Faculty of Modern Languages and Literatures. They are all very friendly (though demanding)!
During the two years of the MA programme, ELLDo students take classes in a foreign language other than English with a total amount of 240 hours (for example, two classes a week during four semesters). The offer is renewed annually, therefore, make sure you consult us at the beginning of each academic year to find out about the offer. The offer usually includes major languages such as German, French or Spanish, but also Swedish, Finnish, and many other European and non-European languages are available. International students are encouraged to take classes in Polish. As we cannot fit all languages into our time table, some choices require a bit more organisational skills from your side.
Yes, you can apply for a semester abroad through ERASMUS and other exchange programmes.
No, unfortunately we do not organise internships.

Questions concerning admission

Yes, we accept students from all over the world!
You have to register in the university's admission system and then follow the instructions step by step. It is easy and entirely online. Read the page "How to apply" on this website.
The programme starts each year at 1 October. Registration and submission of documents is open from 1 June to 20 September 2023. Results are announced 25 September 2023.
Results will be published on your candidate account September 23, 2022.
You need to submit scans of your ID, your BA, MA, or other diploma and the transcript. If you are an international student, your documents must also be accompanied by an apostille or legalised by the Polish embassy in your country.
No. A Bachelor's degree is enough, but candidates with an MA are also welcome to apply.
We expect a level of at least B2 and the willingness to improve your skills. However, you do not have to submit a certificate as proof of your English skills during enrolment. You will be required to read and understand academic books and papers in academic journals. Moreover, you will have to work on many written assignments, pass your exams and write a thesis (approx. 60-80 pages) to successfully complete the programme.
In 2023, we don't, but we plan to introduce interviews in 2024.
Unfortunately, we cannot consider your application until all documents have been uploaded onto our online admissions system.
Not necessarily. Although having a background in linguistics would be beneficial, students without a degree in linguistics but with a genuine interest and passion for linguistics should still consider applying for ELLDo. It is recommended for such students to get some basic knowledge before starting the programme and to continue catching up in core areas such as phonetics and morphology during their first year. You can find a post with recommended reading / listening on this website.