Classes (new and archived)

Summer semester of the academic year 2017/2018
All classes in building B of Collegium Novum

Obligatory classes for first-year students:

  • Documentary linguistics II, taught by Katarzyna Klessa and Nicole Nau, Wednesday, 11.30-13.00, room 313a
  • Spoken language analysis II, taught by Nicole Nau, Monday 15.00-16.30, room 323
  • Statistics for linguistics, Monday, 11.30-13.00, room 111
  • English for academic purposes, taught by Michael Farris, Wednesday, 9.45-11.15, room 212

Selective classes for both years of ELLDo
– first-year students select one (with zaliczenie)
– second-year students take three, of which 1 must be a “Methods & Applications” class; (2 x zaliczenie, 1 x egzamin)

  • Methods & Applications: Lexicography; taught by Nicole Nau, Thursday 15.00-16.30, room 323; starts March 1
  • Methods & Applications: Language Revitalization, taught by Tomasz Wicherkiewicz; Wednesday, 13.15-14.45, room 302; starts March 7
  • other classes from the offer of selective classes at the Institute of Linguistics
  • other classes (after individual consultation with prof. Nau)

And students continue their chosen
– Foreign language
– MA seminar

Winter semester

Selective classes (first year students choose one of these, second year students take both):

Further selective classes: foreign language, minimum 2 times 90 minutes per week (please consult your choice with prof. Nau or dr Nowakowski)

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