Classes (new and archived)

Classes start 2 October 2017

Classes in the academic year 2017/2018. Winter semester
All classes in building B of Collegium Novum

First year of MA studies: obligatory classes

Selective classes (first year students choose one of these, second year students take both):

Further selective classes: foreign language, minimum 2 times 90 minutes per week (please consult your choice with prof. Nau or dr Nowakowski)

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Classes in the academic year 2016/2017. First year of MA studies.

Winter semester

  1. Documentary linguistics I (taught by Nicole Nau; Mon 13:30-15:00, room 323)
  2. Spoken language analysis: sounds (taught by Maciej Karpiński; Tue 11:45-13:15, room 321)
  3. Methods in sociolinguistics (taught by Tomasz Wicherkiewicz; Mon 11:45-13:15, room 212c)
  4. Language typology and descriptive linguistics (taught by Krzysztof Stroński; Fri 11:45-13:15, room 324)
  5. MA seminar: research methods (taught by Nicole Nau; Mon 15:15-16:45, room 323)
  6. English for academic purposes (taught by Justyna Walkowiak; Mon 10:00-11:30, room 316)
  7. Foreign language (according to choice)
    • Lithuanian (taught by Jowita Niewulis-Grablunas and Józef Marcinkiewicz)

Summer semester

    1. Documentary linguistics (taught by Nicole Nau & Katarzyna Klessa)
    2. Spoken language analysis II: structures (taught by Nicole Nau)
    3. Statistics for linguistic analyses (taught by Victoria Kamasa)
    4. MA seminar (choice, with supervisor)
    5. English for academic purposes (taught by Justyna Walkowiak)
    6. Foreign language (choice)
    7. Additional lecture (choice)