Methods in sociolinguistics

Winter term 2016/2017
30 contact hours (1 class a week)
ECTS credits: 6
Lecturers: Tomasz Wicherkiewicz

Module aims
A1. Acquainting students with knowledge how language functions in social environment, the social dimensions of language and relationship between language and society at different levels
A2. Introducing students to main theoretical and methodological trends in sociolinguistics as well as major themes of current global sociolinguistic debates
A3. Providing students with theoretical and analytical tools to identify and analyze the links between social and linguistic processes
A4. Acquainting students with sociolinguistic terminology and basic methods of sociolinguistic research
A5. Providing knowledge on specific aspects and interdisciplinaries of sociolinguistics, sociolinguistic variables, factors, branches and approaches.
A6. Teaching students how to gather and process sociolinguistic data and use them in research projects and reports for international organizations, government agencies, public administration, non-government organizations etc.

Assessment criteria:
10% – student’s activity in class,
45% – report and presentation of the project designed,
45% – oral exam

Work load:
30 contact hours (15 classes)
25 hours assigned reading
45 hours design of a project (group work)
30 hours preparation for the exam

Basic reading list

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