FAQ 1 Which foreign language can I study in ELLDo?

During the two years of the MA program, ELLDo students take classes in a foreign language other than English with a total amount of 240 hours (for example, two classes a week during four semesters).

Students starting in 2019: here are some propositions of language classes on a beginner’s level.

Not your favorite language? Students may also choose another language taught at our faculty if

  • the teacher accepts the student (this is usually no problem for small classes with interesting languages such as Basque or Roumanian, but may not be possible for very popular languages such as Spanish)
  • the student can fit the classes into her/his timetable
  • the choice is formally accepted by the dean (no problem if the first two conditions are met).

Our faculty offers a huge range of foreign languages at various levels. In 2016 and 2017, ELLDo students chose Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Korean, Lithuanian, and Russian (maybe I forgot some?).