Late arrival?

Classes start Wednesday, 5 October 2022.

Late arrival is permitted if students follow the requirements set by each teacher to study the content of the lecture on their own while they cannot attend classes. This permission is in in force until 6 November 2022. After that date, teachers may require presence in class, or students must negotiate individual solutions.

Class materials and tasks will be available in at MS Teams, and most teachers will transmit their lectures in October on that platform.
It is therefore mandatory that students who will arrive late during the first week of October

  1. register in MS Teams, using their student account (an e-mail address ending in, and follow the information distributed to them there,
  2. Inform the teacher of each class they take of the approximate date of their arrival.
  3. Attention: don’t write to teachers of selective classes that you are NOT going to take!

    Teachers’ e-mails have the form (without diacritics)

    When contacting a teacher via e-mail or the chat function in MS Teams, students should always sign the message with their full name. We also appreciate the use of full sentences and punctuation marks.

    Prof. Nicole Nau
    Coordinator of ELLDo

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